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Micro is a podcast for short but powerful writing. Each episode features a few short pieces of fiction, creative nonfiction, and/or poetry read by the author.

Power plays, freedom, and defiance are themes found in these three pieces of microfiction. From medieval times to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, they range from magical to somber, humorous to gory. Enjoy!

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This first piece offers a spin on a magical creature, at once rendering it, like the moon, into something else entirely. It’s called “Teacup Werewolf.” It was written by Jan Stinchcomb and published by Wigleaf in November 2019.

This next piece captures all the delightful gore of a medieval drama, but it’s more than just gratifying; there’s something haunting beneath the surface. It’s called “Lord Randall.” It was written by Stephanie Yu and published by Longleaf Review.

This final piece combines the power of voice with an historic event, using a small moment to emphasize massive devastation. It’s called “Mercury Forges.” It was written by Maurice Ruffin, was originally published by the Apalachee Review, and appears in his new book titled The Ones Who Don’t Say They Love You.


Micro is edited and curated by Dylan Evers and produced and hosted by Drew Hawkins. Theme song is by Matt Ordes. Follow the show on Twitter at @podcastmicro.

Jan Stinchcomb is the author of two novellas and a chapbook and has stories in The Best Small Fictions 2018 & 2021 and in Best Microfiction 2020.

Stephanie Yu a writer and attorney in Los Angeles whose work has appeared in Hobart, Phoebe Journal, X-R-A-Y, and elsewhere.

Maurice Carlos Ruffin is the author of The Ones Who Don’t Say They Love You and We Cast a Shadow.

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