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Authors in the Tent is a professionally filmed series of interviews with established and emerging authors conducted in a tent Ona Russell purchased during the pandemic. Inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron and the 1001 Arabian Nights, the tent—elemental, ancient, and ubiquitous—serves as a magical backdrop for literary conversation.


On the first episode of the new fourth season, Ona Russell talks with Kathi Diamant author of Kafka’s Last Love. The two discuss the beginning of her writing journey, the art of biography, and expanding the definition and understanding of Franz Kafka.


This series is in support of the charities Tents-4-Homeless, PATH, Alpha Project, and VVSD.

Ona Russell holds a PhD in literature from UC San Diego where she also taught for many years. She is author of three award-winning historical mysteries and the recently released Son of Nothingness: A Novel of Appearances.

Kathi Diamant is the Director of the Kafka Project at San Diego State University. For over fifteen years she has been immersed in the story of Dora Diamant, retracing Dora’s steps in Europe, discovering neglected archives and lost papers, and conducting interviews with every known living person who knew her. She lives in San Diego, CA.

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