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March 30, 2023, 9:55am

God bless the staff of Washington DC’s Cleveland Park Library who welcomed yesterday’s all-star story hour roster of Very Online Conservative Snowflakes—Jack Posobiec, Kirk Cameron, Sean Spicer, and a woman named Libs of TikTok—with a prominent display of queer reading material.

According to multiple accounts on Twitter, library staff set up the display—which included LGBTQ-themed books banned in red states across America—the day before the scheduled event, which featured the aforementioned for-profit ideologues talking about freedom and reading their terrifying kids’ books to a captive audience of trapped children (and one sullen teen, apparently).

The best account of the event is a live Twitter thread by Amanda Moore, who went where most of us are loathe to go (Moore has a Substack, here).

If it weren’t for the vile and dangerous rhetoric these deeply un-Christian bigots spew about the queer community, their sheer clownishness and pathetic insecurity would be almost comic. Almost!

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By Elysium

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