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April 4, 2023, 10:14am

Kristen Roupenians short story-to-screen empire continues to expand at a terrifying pace. As reported by Deadline, another story from Roupenians collection, You Know You Want Thiswhich followed in the wake of her viral story, Cat Personwill be adapted for the big screen. Zo Kravitz will star in Biter, based on a story of the same name about a woman who fantasizes about biting one of her coworkers (I mean, who among us?).

In a kind of terrifying quote, Winterlight Pictures founder Chris Goldberg said this:

As an IP-driven company, short story-based projects have become a huge part of our slate. There is nobody who has broken out in the world of short stories quite like Kristen Roupenian.

There you go folks. Just get your short story to go viral and Hollywood will come calling (Roupenians most famous story was already turned into a cringily relatable thriller, which screened in January at Sundance).

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