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May 4, 2023, 11:21am

Respect and support to Wasilla, Alaskas Black Birch Books, whore getting a lot of online flack for announcing a drag story time in June. But despite a slew of negative, and sometimes threatening, comments and reviews, Black Birch owner Taylor Jordan is going on with the show. As she told Alaska News Source:

Its really important to me that I allow commenting on all of my posts and events, and I try to not delete very many because people are able to actually voice how they feel about something. That is an important thingthat everyone gets a say.

Jordan added that she wants to make her store a safe place for everyone in the community, which includes LGBTQ people.

Theres such a large group in this community, and sometimes they feel like they dont have a safe space. Im delighted to accommodate whatever anybody needs.

It is no easy thing in this day and age to stand-up to the ill-informed online hate around drag story times, along with the potential for real-world intimidation. But with a store motto like, Lets crack some spines, Jordan is clearly not the type to back down. So if youre even thinking about buying a book today, maybe do it from Black Birch?

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