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May 17, 2023, 10:00am

News from the Cannes Film Festival: An adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s 1950 novel (his last one) Across the River and Into the Treeshas found a distributor in Bleeker Street.

The novel centers on Colonel Richard Cantwell, a 50-year-old US Army officer, tracing his placement in Italy during World War I, with general themes of death, death, and death (in the present-day, at the close of World War II, he has a terminal condition, though he is also rekindling an affair with an Italian countess).

In the film adaptation currently at Cannes, Liev Schreiber plays Cantwell, and I shall hazard a guess and say Josh Hutcherson plays someone who dies in a flashback. It is directed by Paula Ortiz of The Bride, and was adapted by Peter Flannery (The Devils Mistress).

Forget about a Hemingwayassance, Twitter seemed to think it was time for a Josh Hutcherson revival, with the actor trending last night; I don’t recall seeing him in much after painting himself to look like a river rock in Lionsgates’ adaptations of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games.

The film was produced by Tribune Pictures. Stay tuned!

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