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In this episode, Andrew talks to the author of Lost Son, Brett Forrest, about Billy Reilly, a young American sucked into the FBIs secret war in Russia.

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Brett Forrestis a national-security reporter forThe Wall Street Journal, where his investigative work focuses on the former Soviet Union. In the Russo-Ukrainian war, Forrest was the first reporter to reach the town of Bucha and uncover evidence of atrocities. He is the author ofLost Son,The Big Fix(an international bestseller), andLong Bomb. Forrest shared a National Magazine Award at ESPN, where he co-directed the true-crime documentary,Pin Kings, an Emmy nominee. Forrest’s international-affairs reporting has appeared inThe New York Times Magazine,Vanity Fair,The Atlantic, andNational Geographic. He has lived and worked in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, and other countries.

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