Dua Lipa visits a womens prison reading group. ‹ Literary Hub


June 2, 2023, 10:54am

Working with the Booker Prize Foundation, Dua Lipa recently visited HMP Downview, a womens prison in Surrey, to get a firsthand glimpse of Books Unlocked, a program set up by the BPF and the National Literacy to foster a culture of reading for incarcerated people. Lipa, who recently launched a book club of her own, said of the visit:

It was just kind of going into the room and understanding the books they love to read in their own time, how that makes them feel, how thats been able to help them understand different emotions and feelings. [It] has been really inspiring and Ive felt very privileged to be in that room to experience that with them.

Head here for more about the Books Unlocked program.

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